• Northeast Florida Pet Preservation, Pet Freeze-Drying and Loss of Pet


    Jessi’s Paw is a service business, established in tribute to my lost, beloved Jessi as a support service for people who have just lost their own cherished pets.

    If you are planning to have your animal cremated or buried, you will likely have your personal veterinarian or a pet funeral home keep them for you for the one or two days until this process occurs. However, there is another option you may not be aware of, and that is freeze-drying your pet. Freeze-drying is a process that removes moisture from an animal while it remains frozen, using special freeze-dry machines. This process leaves your pet’s actual body and bone structure in place, and allows your pet to, in essence, remain frozen in time and be with you forever.

    If this is something that you would want to consider, you may have more difficulty storing your pet for the length of time it takes to a) consider this as an alternative, b) save the funds for it, and c) either ship the animal on the right day of the week*, or employ Jessi’s Paw to transport your pet for you. I am also able to keep them for this time if my location is more convenient for you, or you don’t have a veterinarian, or any other reason you choose me to do this for you.

    *If you are shipping your pet out of state, it is strongly advised that you only ship on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid shipping delays. My personal experience included holiday travel as well as Christmas and New Year’s delays so that I was not able to ship my cat for 6 weeks. I will store your pet for as long as you need in extenuating circumstances such as these. (Please note that you are not supposed to ship a deceased animal, and if the chosen shipping company learns that this is what is in your package, they will not accept it).

    Jessi’s Paw:

    • Provides information about freeze-drying vs. taxidermy; discusses your options; makes phone calls for you.
    • Transports your pets to All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry in Vero Beach, Florida
    • Provides freezer storage for you while you are able to make decisions and arrangements.
    • Will transport your pet to your veterinarian for euthanasia if that is something that is simply too difficult for you to do yourself. If desired and your vet allows it, I will hold your pet during the process, sending it off with your love. Your pet will not be alone, but you will not have to endure this excruciating moment yourself. Or I will accompany you as you take your pet to be euthanized.
    • Will cry with you.
    • Jessi’s Paw service area includes:

      All of Florida for transport to All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry in Vero Beach, Florida

      The greater Jacksonville area for:

      • live pet transport to a vet
      • transport to a pet crematory in Jacksonville
      • storage of a deceased animal awaiting transport