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    About Jessi's Paw

    My name is Aleta Ridings and I am the founder of Jessi’s Paw. Jessi’s Paw was established because of my enormous grief at the loss of my own dear Jessi and the consequent extreme empathy and compassion I feel for other pet owners during their own loss.

    Since Jessi’s passing in November of 2013, a new love has come into my life. He is my baby panther prince named Jags and my love for him bowls me over. Another darling has come along too, and that is my husband’s and my sweet grandbaby Cooper, a fearless gray tabby whose dad is my stepson. Our precious Maltese grandbaby Luci rounds out our threesome of babies and it is my joy to care for these three little jewels.

    I love all animals, be it dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, lizard, or dragonfly, (…and even snakes!) and I believe that every one of them is here to teach us a lesson. I think with our beloved pets, that lesson is usually unconditional love. I believe the ones that momentarily cross our path simply carry a message for us. We just need to be open to hear it.

    Jessi's Story

    In May of 1995, I met the sweetest little angel. She was less than 6" long. She was all black with several teeny tiny slivers of white on the back of her neck. Her eyes were closed and there was still a coarse, wiry cord coming from her belly. Her mouth was only about as big as my pinky nail (and I have tiny fingers). When her mouth opened, the sweetest, cutest, tiniest little "Mew!" came out and I fell deeply in love with this angel. I called her Jessi and our love grew and deepened immeasurably over the next 18 ½ years.

    I said goodbye to this precious angel on November 26, 2013 and my heart broke. I never envisioned a day when she wouldn’t be with me. But she will live in my heart for all of eternity and I am deeply grateful for and will cherish each and every memory. I love you with all the love in the universe, my dear, dear Jessica!!