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All Critters & Pets Freeze Dry – Vero Beach, Florida. Jessi’s Paw will transport your pet to All Critters and Pets for you as soon as we can arrange it. Please be aware that your deceased pet must be placed in a freezer as quickly as possible after death to maintain the integrity of the animal’s body. (Jessi’s Paw can also provide this freezer storage for you if needed).

Anthony Eddy’s Wildlife Studio – Slater, Missouri. This is where Jessi was preserved. They did an absolutely fantastic job and I couldn’t have been more pleased. (I had not found All Critters in Vero Beach yet at the time.) Old Maid Cat Lady – This site offers a multitude of products for cats as well as the cat lover, from health products, to clothes, videos, books, and jewelry, as well as memorial items after your cat’s passing. This is exactly the kind of store I originally wanted to open myself, and opted to instead simply focus on storage, transport, support, and referrals. Pet Wellbeing – Offers natural health products for the aging and ailing pet, such as kidney support, adrenal harmony, urinary tract health, and pain and stress relief. PetAlive – Offers natural remedies for your pet. Dr.s Foster and Smith. You may have at one time found their catalog in your mailbox. They offer a very large selection of products for your pet, from health related items, to physical comfort, personalized products, and even medicine. Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. Offers in-home veterinary consultations, hospice care, and in-home euthanasia, as well as private or communal cremation, or burial. Montgomery Press – This site offers publications such as pet keepsake diaries, (or memory books) and books for guidance and comfort. As these books are sold from this site in minimum quantities of 5, please contact me for purchase of one book. Jewelry and other Memorial Keepsakes

Perfect Memorials and Jewelry Keepsakes. Here are two wonderful sites that offers not only cremation jewelry, but also a large selection of urns, grave markers, and other memorial products.

Pet Retreat Centers: Catopia Kitty Inn and Day Spa. A full service kitty resort and day spa with adorable private room accommodations and daily attention. Captivating Acres Pet Resort. Located in a park-like setting, this is a full service, luxury retreat center for your pet while you are at work or on vacation. Pet Paradise. With 9 locations throughout Florida, Pet Paradise is a full service resort destination for your pet including a large pool for larger dogs, and a plastic wading pool for smaller breeds. Video Service Home Video Studio – Will create a video for you combining digital videos, VHS, or DVDs, and/or still pictures and add music and text as desired. Animal Communication Does your pet have something to say? Do you have something to ask your pet? Constance can get answers for you. Contact her at 904-673-0809. Book and video titles for interest or comfort: (Find on Google or Amazon)
  • Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul
  • Animals Are Soul Too – Harold Klemp
  • How to Talk to Your Cat – Jean Craighead George
  • How to Talk to Your Cat – other authors
  • The Cat Whisperer – Claire Bessant
  • 101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet If Your Cat Could Talk – Bruce Fogle
  • If Your Cat Could Talk – Dr. Bruce Fogle
  • Video – Your Cat Can Talk to You – Monarch Films